Torque Control Screwdriver - M5.8 ~ M7.0
PCS-0200 Series
  • Rear exhaust with quick release holder,

  • Push-start is the best choice for operator ergonomics,

  • Automatic shut-off function,

  • Simple torque adjustment,

  • Convenient one-handed reverse level,

  • Made in Taiwan.

Model No. Standard Deviation Fastening Capacity Torque Range Free Speed Working Pressure Air Inlet Hose Size Net Weight Overall Length Packing(Kgs)
Machine Tapping KGF-CM RPM PSI Inch. Inch. lbs Kgs Inch. mm. Pcs/CTN/NW/GW/Cuft
PCS-0201 ±3 M2.8~M5.8 M2.2~M4.7 5~45 1,700 90 1/4 3/8 1.83 0.83 9 228 10/CTN/10/11/0.8
PCS-0202 ±3 M2.9~M6.0 M2.6~M4.9 7~50 1,400 90 1/4 3/8 1.83 0.83 9 228 10/CTN/10/11/0.8
PCS-0203 ±3 M2.9~M6.4 M2.6~M5.4 7~65 1,000 90 1/4 3/8 1.83 0.83 9 228 10/CTN/10/11/0.8
PCS-0204 ±3 M4.1~M7.0 M3.1~M6.0 15~95 550 90 1/4 3/8 1.83 0.83 9 228 10/CTN/10/11/0.8



1. Before using it, the machine must be checked, and a responsible person is needed.

2. If found missing parts, please repair in time, otherwise, will decrease the life of the machine.

3. If socket doesn't cover nut (screw slot), it is forbidden to press the switch.

4. The hub connection must be connected with a special pin and sealing aprons. (screwdriver lock type)

5. It is forbidden  to load or unload wrech head or clean the machine with pressure on.

6. All the equipment without the permission of the person in charge is not allowed to start.

7. When the machine is off-duty, it must be clean and stored in a proper place.

8. To prevent premature wear of the machine, please do not overload or high speed idle.

9. Daily and monthly maintenance should be done in order to extend the life of the machine